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Royal Bright Overseas Consult Limited is a professional student recruitment and training company providing students and parents with current  information about studies offered globally. Royal Bright services offer information about the selected destination, the Universities, programs, admissions, accommodations, and student Visa. We run our organization through highest ethical manner and we at all times maintain 100% transparency and honest in all our dealings with the students as well as with our partner Universities and Colleges. Royal Bright was established in 2014 with a long standing reputation as one of Nigeria’s leading education agencies. We represent many Universities and Colleges around the globe such as United states of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Dubai, New Zealand, Hungary, France, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Malta, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, ans Sweden which gives wide range of choices of for selecting suitable country, course of studies, fees, and location.
Our major strength over others is our highly efficient systems that enable us provide speedy services to our students so that they can complete necessary admission and Visa procedure within a limited time frame to always get our students to their desired destinations at the right time.
Our Services and procedure on counseling. We do a very thorough  review of students’ academic professional and financial circumstances along with their future study and career plan. According their needs we will assist them in selection suitable course, place of study. We would do everything necessary to give proper guidance which will fully comply with update on requirements’ our dedicated and well experienced staff counselors are always ready to assist at every step. We are transparent and ready to discuss the peculiar needs and requirement of each student.
It is even very important to us, to keep a healthy relationship with all our students who through us reach their desired destinations the first step is for you to call us our prompt action follows from us. Our joy is complete only when we get you to your deserved destination.