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Latest update from Liberty University

This month we will be looking at Liberty University’s School of Health Sciences.

Are your students passionate about science or medicine? How about working to improve the lives of others? By pursuing a degree within the Liberty University School of Health Sciences, they will be set up for an exhilarating career in a scientific or health field.

Liberty is excited to provide degrees that help students reach their personal and career goals! Your students may be ready to pursue a career as a scientist, a teacher, a doctor, or a public health professional. You can rest assured that they can be prepared for whatever field they choose with one of our health sciences degrees.

The School of Health Sciences houses several exciting degree programs that your students may be interested in pursuing. Some of the most popular are Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med), Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Public Health. These are just a few of the 22 Bachelor’s degrees that Liberty offers, along with 5 Master and Doctoral level degrees.

Our School of Health Sciences is structured with three different departments, each with its own unique programs and benefits.

· Our Department of Biology and Chemistry offers degrees ranging from pre-med and biotechnology to forensic science.

· The Department of Allied Professions has brand new technology available to students as well as programs in athletic training, exercise science, physical education, and respiratory therapy.

· Our Department of Public Health prepares you to enter your career field upon graduation or use it as an alternate track to medical school.

For more information about the School of Health Sciences and about what these three departments have to offer to your students please visit the School of Health Sciences webpage.

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